Clement Monstar Stealth Technology CST-F

For over 2 years, Clement Industries has been working with researchers at Louisiana Tech University on improving the aerodynamics of our industry-leading dump trailer designs. This work led to the birth of Clement Stealth Technology and its first aerodynamic enhancement – the CST-F.


The CST-F is made of durable, long-lasting aluminum, and weighs 330 lbs. Theoretical calculations show that adding the CST-F to a standard MonStar will bring a 10{8c37061d46692a7c76267cb7979e222282fe21e4c70e8273c77219f843b2f5d4} improvement in fuel economy at 60 mph *. Real-world testing for the past year – with a MonStar in daily use fitted with the CST-F – has shown an overall improvement in fuel economy of 9{8c37061d46692a7c76267cb7979e222282fe21e4c70e8273c77219f843b2f5d4} ** – with the same driver and tractor.

Safety, maintenance access, and trailer integration were all incorporated into the CST-F design. The locking handles and hinged design allow for easy access to the cylinder and front of the trailer. The CST-F is a
standard option on both the MonStar 89 and MonStar 99, and can easily be retrofitted onto prior models already in operation. Ask your authorized Clement Dealer how the CST-F can save you money today!

* All variables affecting fuel economy could not be included in the calculations. Actual results may vary and results are not guaranteed.

** Multiple factors affect fuel economy, therefore individual results may vary. Results are not guaranteed.

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze the MonStar, areas that created drag were located on the trailer. Based on these computer models the front area between the cab of the truck and the headboard of the trailer was targeted for aerodynamic improvement.

Multiple attachment shapes were assessed using CFD, and the most promising ones progressed to wind tunnel testing. Using a scaled 3D printed model of a truck and MonStar, the various designs were attached to the model and tested. Through multiple iterations of testing and refinement – the CST-F was born.


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