Hilbilt XPA Aluminum Trailer

The XP series is designed to increase your payload by utilizing a uni-beam construction and reducing the overall weight of the trailer. It comes standard with aluminum sides and floor, an air ride suspension, hardened tailgate bushings, and much more.



  • Aluminum Sides & Floor
  • Reduced Trailer Weight
  • Increased Payload Capacity
  • Field Tested & Proven
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Durable & Stable
  • ¼” Aluminum Floor & 3/16” sides
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Inverted Angle on Sides
  • Rear Floor Section (18”) of 3/16” T-1 Steel
  • High Dumping Angle
  • Hardened Tailgate Bushings
  • Greaseable Tailgate Hinge Pins
  • Outside Mounted Hydraulic Hoist
  • Minimum Doghouse
  • Sloped Front
  • Ease Of Hoist Maintenance
  • Sides & Floor Easily & Economically Replaced
  • Optional Aluminum Wheel

Hi-Dump Configuration


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