RollStar XS Frameless Rolloff Trailer

Clement’s RollStar XS design is strong and durable without the payload-robbing weight of other roll-offs.

• RollStar XS is 26-feet long in the down position.
• Trailer weight is 12,800 pounds +/- 3{8c37061d46692a7c76267cb7979e222282fe21e4c70e8273c77219f843b2f5d4}.
• Legal payloads of 45,000 pounds subject to local, state and federal regulations.


Suspension: 50,000# single point, 3-leaf
Axles: (2) 102-inch, 25,000 lb, 5-inch round, common
inner/outer bearings
Hubs: 10 Hole pilot hub
Tires: 11.00×24.5-inch radial
Brakes: Air 16-1/2×7-inch cast drum
ABS: 2S 1M
Paint: One color urethane enamel over primed surface
Lights: Sealed beam rubber grommet
Wiring: Sealed Harness, 7-wire ATA
Mud Flaps: Rear only
King Pin Plate: 3/4-inch HT50 (Rocking)
Back Up Alarm: Yes
Tilt Frame: 15-inch HT60 composite
Draft Arms: 4x4x1/4-inch Ht50


RollStar XS is extremely efficient in very tight spaces at 22.5-feet in length it is fully raised (from the King Pin to the rear of the trailer) which results in a very tight turn radius and high efficiency in tight areas. The RollStar XS can perform the “Centipede Maneuver” to walk your truck and trailer out of treacherous footing.


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